Blerd It Out! - The Philippine Comics Review

In this short segment previously exclusive to Patreon subscribers, host Adrian Johnson details ‘The Philippine Comics Review’. - a rare artifact of the ‘Filipino Invasion’ of American comic books in the 1970s.

In 1979, the first (and only) issue of 'The Philippine Comics Review' magazine was published by Tikbalang Publications. The editor, Ros H. Matienzo, touts in his foreword in the frontispiece of the issue: “…we are certain that when the history of Philippine comics in the 70’s is written down, this magazine will be in it, even if only as a footnote.”

It is a shame that the magazine did not proceed past the first issue as it is jam packed with insightful articles on Philippine comics history and creators, an op-ed column by Alex Toth (!), a rare interview with Alex Nino and topped by a portfolio of Nestor Redondo (who also paints the front and back covers).

Artist Proof Redux - Jon Bogdanove

On this episode of Artist Proof Redux, we re-present the original Artist Proof podcast episode with new footage and material exclusively for Youtube.

Host Adrian Johnson conducts a conversation with one of his favorite comic book artists, Jon Bogdanove.

Aside from brief runs on Marvel Comics’ X-Factor and Power Pack, Bogdanove is perhaps best known for delivering his dynamic and powerful art with an 80-plus issue run on DC Comics' Superman: Man Of Steel title. Bogdanove and writer Louise Simonson also co-created the character Steel (jon Henry Irons) during the Death & Return of Superman saga in the early 1990s.

Jon expounds upon his earliest influences such as the classic Adventures of Superman television series and the works of legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby. He also gives a behind-the-scenes peek into how the Death & Return of Superman storyline was orchestrated and the inspirations for the character Steel. Lastly, Bogdanove discusses being a ’style chameleon’, his outreach in teaching art to middle-schoolers and his creator-owned comic Strongman.

Blerd It Out - Episode 2: The Comics of Aron Wiesenfeld

On this episode, host Adrian Johnson discusses the brief but stellar comics career of one of his favorite artists, Aron Wiesenfeld. Adrian covers Wiesenfeld's work including 'Team 7', his 2 part story in the first two issues of the short-lived 'WildStorm' anthology series, 'Deathblow/Wolverine' and his final comic book interiors to date, the truncated series 'Guardian Angel'.


Blerd It Out - Daredevil #181 (Unreleased Episode)

Deep from the Inazuma Studios archives! In this unreleased 'pilot' episode of 'Blerd It Out', Adrian Johnson reveals his favorite single comic book issue ever -- Daredevil #181 by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson! (And yes, SPOILER WARNING if you've never read this classic story). Adrian also reveals why the episode is initially shelved for over a year.


Blerd It Out - Episode 1: G.I. Joe Yearbook #2 by Michael Golden

'Blerd It Out' is a new segment  in which artist Adrian Johnson reviews and reminisces about his favorite art, comics and movies that inspire him creatively and are just flat-out entertaining to boot. In this first episode of 'Blerd It Out', Adrian reviews the 1986 Marvel comic by Michael Golden and the 2013 Artist's Edition Portfolio by IDW showcasing Golden's incredible original art in high quality prints.