Action Lab

Artist Proof: Episode 5 - Shawn Pryor

Art by Penny Candy Studios

Art by Penny Candy Studios

On this episode, Adrian speaks with creator Shawn Pryor in an engaging conversation about the science of crowdfunding.  As a former president of Action Lab Entertainment, Shawn has developed several successful crowdfunding campaigns for various comic book and graphic novel projects. Most recently, he ran a hugely successful campaign under his own company, Crowntaker Studios, to fund his creator-owned all-ages comic 'Cash and Carrie' with co-creators Giulie Speziani and artist Penny Candy Studios. In addition, Shawn discusses stepping away from the comic book business to reassess his place within it, his return and the inspirations for his upcoming football comic F.O.R.C.E with co-creators B. Alex Thompson and artist Jay Reed.    

Show Theme: 'All The Timez' - Arranged, Produced and Composed by Nathan M. Dreggors

Licensed from A1 Productions / Copyright 2015

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