Artist Proof Redux - Jon Bogdanove

On this episode of Artist Proof Redux, we re-present the original Artist Proof podcast episode with new footage and material exclusively for Youtube.

Host Adrian Johnson conducts a conversation with one of his favorite comic book artists, Jon Bogdanove.

Aside from brief runs on Marvel Comics’ X-Factor and Power Pack, Bogdanove is perhaps best known for delivering his dynamic and powerful art with an 80-plus issue run on DC Comics' Superman: Man Of Steel title. Bogdanove and writer Louise Simonson also co-created the character Steel (jon Henry Irons) during the Death & Return of Superman saga in the early 1990s.

Jon expounds upon his earliest influences such as the classic Adventures of Superman television series and the works of legendary comic book artist Jack Kirby. He also gives a behind-the-scenes peek into how the Death & Return of Superman storyline was orchestrated and the inspirations for the character Steel. Lastly, Bogdanove discusses being a ’style chameleon’, his outreach in teaching art to middle-schoolers and his creator-owned comic Strongman.